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April Few, Communications Director for US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE), is a featured guest on Let's Talk America with Alan Keyes as she discusses USPIE's mission and their upcoming film Truth and Lies in American Education. Watch the interview and film trailer below and consider making a donation to help complete this important project.

USPIE DOCUMENTARY: Truth and lies in american education

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Communications Director April Few


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Dr. Duke Pesta talks with U.S. Parents Involved In Education leadership members Sandy Torosian and April Few about their position on the COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED material being pushed in schools across the country. 


Stop Fed Ed Campaign Mission Statement

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition of state leaders focused on returning control of education to parents and local communities by eradicating federal intrusion.

State leaders from around the country who are fed up with being ignored on education policy have joined forces to abolish the US Education Department and put an end to all federal education mandates. 

USPIE will endeavor to inform Americans of the trillions of dollars wasted on federal education in the last 35 years with nothing to show for it but stagnant test scores and declining student academic achievement. It is the goal of USPIE to return American education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children's education.